Boto Script to Launch an EC2 Instance with an Elastic IP and a Route53 Entry

I often find myself needing to launch an instance, assign it an elastic IP and then a DNS entry in Route 53. I have been doing it manually for a long time, but I finally got around to creating a script to do it for me. Since I couldn’t find one anywhere online that did this task, I figured it would be beneficial to share mine.

import boto3
dryRun = False; # useful variable to put the script into dry run mode where the function allows it

ec2Client = boto3.client('ec2')
ec2Resource = boto3.resource('ec2')

# Create the instance
instanceDict = ec2Resource.create_instances(
    DryRun = dryRun,
    ImageId = "YOUR_AMI_ID",
    KeyName = "YOUR_KEY_PAIR_NAME",
    InstanceType = "t1.micro",
    SecurityGroupIds = ["YOUR_SECURITY_GROUP_ID"],
    MinCount = 1,
    MaxCount = 1
# Wait for it to launch before assigning the elastic IP address

# Allocate an elastic IP
eip = ec2Client.allocate_address(DryRun=dryRun, Domain='vpc')
# Associate the elastic IP address with the instance launched above
     DryRun = dryRun,
     InstanceId = instanceDict[0].id,
     AllocationId = eip["AllocationId"])

route53Client = boto3.client('route53')
#Now add the route 53 record set to the hosted zone for the domain
    HostedZoneId = 'YOUR_ZONE_ID',
    ChangeBatch= {
    'Comment': 'Add new instance to Route53',
    'Changes': [
        'Action': 'CREATE',
        'ResourceRecordSet': {
            'Name': 'YOUR_DNS_ENTRY',
            'Type': 'A',
            'TTL': 60,
            'ResourceRecords': [
                'Value': eip["PublicIp"]


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